Friday, 30 July 2010

Hello Kitty Rickshaw... & Jersey Boys!

I was in London's West End on 24th July, on a family outing to see the amazing Jersey Boys musical for the 2nd time. If you haven't already been - please go, it's great fun for any age. Think I surprised some of the older generation by singing along to everything!

Whilst we were having drinks and (very yummy) chips in The Spice of Life pub/restaurant nearby, I noticed this beauty parked outside and had to stop and get a snap of it. Apologies for getting the woman in shot, I did re-take it but my phone was seriously spazzing out that day and it had mysteriously disappeared later.


It's a Hello Kitty Rickshaw!! Here's a cropped image so you can see the HK motif more easily:


Isn't it cute? Loving the pink flower garland too. If I see it again I'm asking for a ride.

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