Friday, 30 July 2010

Hello Kitty Teaspoons and a massage chair!

I went shopping in Bluewater with my Bestie Emma yesterday - well, I was actually there to hand out CV's as I finished my internship and am looking for full time work. But as Tom has applied for uni and won't know if he's got in for a while, I don't know which county I'll be living in for the next year so it seems a bit pointless. So I did a bit of shopping on the way...

I hunted down some sunnies that I'd been trying to get my hands on in Punkyfish - only £8, so retro.


Next stop was to see my old colleagues in Sanrio (Hello Kitty!). Had a lovely catch up and of course I had to buy something... these teaspoons won me over!




and the cuteness extended to the schweet lil bag:


Originally £4.95 each but lucky me got given staff discount - even though I haven't worked there for 3 years but shhhhh. I'm too loyal/obsessive. Can't wait to use them with my teacup collection! They also had dinky little forks, reminds me of the tiny cutlery Liz Hurley used to take with her. Perfect for afternoon tea with scones!

Speaking of afternoon tea, I had a voucher for free tea and cake for two in John Lewis. I had a cinammon twist and Em had a lemon tart, yummy. I wangled my voucher when I was doing my internship in London, I'd ordered something for the office and when I went to pick it up from customer services they took longer than anticipated so a member of staff gave me a voucher! Sweet deal considering I was quite enjoying just chilling away from the office...

We saw a delightful cake shop called buttercup on the way, but our tummies were too full! Looks delish though.


Bumped into my glamorous old friend Hannah in Juicy Couture, which was luvverly.

Wandered into Menkind where Emma had a slight orgasmic moment on the massage chair...


Last purchase was this ah-may-zeeng cat ring from accessorize, £4. Love it love it love it!


Oh and some sushi.

I'm getting a massive bruise on my leg from when Emma accidentally kicked me - we went for a late night swim to round off the day and the pool was unusually cramped, so we ended up swimming into each other all the time!

Ta-ta for now, Swaf xxx

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