Thursday, 19 August 2010

Puttin' on the Ritz!

Ok, it's a terribly cheesy and unimaginative Blog title I know. I did ponder 'Crackers for the Ritz' and 'Ritz a Wonderful Life' but the obvious one seemed the least cringe-worthy!

To the post!

2 months ago I went for afternoon tea at the Ritz in London, with my Aunt. I'd bought her a voucher for tea for two there a year earlier to celebrate her 50th, and because I'd been living in Hampshire with little funds to transport myself back to LDN for a whole eight months, yes, you heard right - eight months - the day we did eventually go was the last day we could do so before the voucher expired! But oh my - twas fabulous...

We met up at Bond St. station after our working/interning day was over, and had a little drinky and a wander around some shops before heading to Green Park tube station. We were still a little early however - for some odd reason afternoon tea runs from 7.30p.m. until 9.30p.m. Actually, thinking about it they do several slots a day and that was the most convenient time for us both... sirry me!

So we waited in the Rivoli Bar, and not wanting to be rude and order a £15 glass of wine I settled for a bottle of posh elderflower presse. I'm not much of a big drinker, I usually go for a beer but I didn't think that would seem very... Ritzy. Although saying that, I did nab the plush paper coasters they gave us as a souvenir! The staff were wonderful and it made us feel like celebrities! They served mini cheese twists and olives so we had a nice nibble while we waited. We both felt quite underdressed, as other attendees were in more formal attire that you might see at a wedding - but a lot of other tables were birthdays and special occasions. And I think we would have both looked quite silly beforehand, going into work in outfits more suited to a day at Royal Ascot!

I nipped into the loos before we were seated at our table, and was blown away again by the glamour and magnificence -from a toilet!


Plush seats, murals, pink details AND jewellery cabinets!!

The washbasins were so girly, and instead of paper to dry your hands there were baskests of soft white fluffy flannel-sized washcloths! And a hamper to put them in - it did feel a little wasteful, but I can't imagine a hot-air hand drier in an establishment with these levels of extravagance!

The string quartet began playing softly, and we were seated at our table. We were right next to the catering entrance, beside a screen - maybe because we were not so exquisitely outfitted as the other patrons...

But we didn't care because the food was delicious and the surroundings were fabulous! Here's me sipping on some Jasmine Blossom Tea:

 You got to pick from a list of yummy blends and had your own teapot - I had trouble picking one, I could probably have had several pots! Here's my Auntie, check out the yummy cakes and all the wonderful features...

And a final view of the room. 

We had a variety of teeny sandwiches cut into rectangles, such as smoked salmon, mature cheddar and of course cucumber, with staff replenishing them as we ate. They were small, but very filling! Then we were served hot scones with jam and clotted cream - absolutely heavenly. The top tier of our stand was reserved for tiny desserts. My Auntie was stuffed by then so I got to try them- including a gorgeous Macaron - I should have asked who it was by as it was delightful! *mouth waters*

The time went quite quickly and we thoroughly enjoyed the top quality treats and girly gossip. I'd definitely do it again for a special occasion. I can't think how much it would cost for me and Tom to get married there though...

...but imagine it! Wouldn't it be just perfect?

Ta-ta for now!



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