Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Blogger, Bloggees, and a quick catch up!

Greetings to you, you being a person who is reading this with their eyes! I bet you didn't know that if you in fact read with your tongue instead the blog will taste like cupcakes, did you?

*crosses fingers and hopes you lick screen*



Never mind. I've had some sweeties late at night so clearly I'm a wild child and can't be tamed. I'm not sure who is reading this blog, after having it for over a year and not writing many posts within that time (about four I think - shameful, I know, I should be sentenced to suffocation by melted marshmallows) I decided to try and get myself back into the habit of blogging more often, and so I shall endeavour to do so. Goodness knows why, I can't imagine who wants to listen to/read my drivel, and (as I've always called it) "Nonsensical Witterings". Maybe I should trademark that...

But if you are reading this blog and bathing your eyes with my word-shaped ridicoulousness, thenI hope you enjoy it and don't require an acidic eye-wash immediately afterwards, or reach for a tiny fifties cocktail fork to pluck them out and-

etcetera etcetera.

But anyway, if you are reading, then thank you - I hope it gives you a little tickle rather than the side-effects listed previously. And if you do enjoy it, then please leave a comment saying so as it would cheer me up and I won't strangle any kittens.

I'm still getting to grips with this blogging thing, I've had a go at jazzing it up and trying to make it slightly more interesting but I'll be playing around with that for a while - I'm not a technophobe but I do have some learning difficulties which can slow me down! Maybe I will tell you about them some day. But more to the point - please bear with me!

I'm hoping to do some more interesting blog posts at some point - baking, experimenting with my jewellery, shopping trips, reviews and the likes, but at the moment I'm stony broke and living between two counties, waiting to find out which one I'll be living in for the next year. I was looking for work closer to London where I'm from, but my fiance, Tom, is currently living and working in Hampshire on the south coast. I've spent the past year there in our flat and had a number of jobs before I took on my internship. It's been a real struggle - I left a last job to go back to London and during my first week Tom had an accident longboarding with a friend and badly fractured his skull. Luckily I was working with a friend of a family member who was very sympathetic and I was able to rush back down and pack him a bag before hospital visiting hours. He needed constant supervision for at least 2 weeks. Over 2 months later he's still recovering - he's back at work but only on a part time graduating basis - it's knackering him out though - he's really not ready but circumstances were/are quite poor!

Anyway while he was off he decided to get back into some composing (he's a musician, and a very good one at that) because he really wants to write music for video games, TV, or maybe one day even film. He had been doing a music to media degree at Bournemouth University, but had to leave once when his father passed away to help his mum out (the man is a real sweetie - he likes to pretend he's a criminal mastermind but he's got a heart of gold). I was browsing through the website of the college where I studied for my degree, as they are moving this year, and have undergone a huge re-branding. Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication will now be located at the Greenwich peninsula (accidentally typed a rude word there first, involving male reproductive anatomy) just a stone's throw from the 02.

The new building is a striking, modern design and I was intrigued to learn more about it. I noticed that they were running a new course this year - Music to Media Production - and that places were still open for it. Tom's always wanted to finish his degree, and this course sounds amazing and just right for him. There's an interesting article which mentions it from the independent here. So, he applied and got in touch with the staff at registry and his old tutor (he's already been to uni, so they know he'll be up to scratch, and he doesn't have to wait for any results). So we're waiting for either the Admissions tutor to return from leave or for something to happen on UCAS later this week. In the meantime he's been working on his showreel, making some lovely compositions, and I've even given some videos that I edited from old, unused footage from my BTEC in Media Studies six years ago!

So anyway, lots of things are on hold at the moment, including the launch of my jewellery as it will be difficult to sell stuff if I'm in the wrong county or in the process of moving, so until then I will be working on all the little preparation bits that I can. I've really scuppered up my sleeping pattern though, Tom's not been able to sleep with all the pills he's been having to take so we've entertained ourselves re-watching my Green Wing boxset.

So bloody funny, and a fantastic example of British comedy, which is set in a surreal hospital with excellently written scripts improved by fantastically developed characters played by very talented actors. If you haven't already, get your hands on a copy and do not sleep until you have watched it all. We figured out that the characters we were most like were Liaisons Officer Sue White (me) and Anesthetist Guy Secretan (Tom).

Ta-ta for now!

Swaf xxx

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