Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Beautiful shoes... just beautiful!

I often fall madly in love with a pair of pretty heels, but I am seriously admiring, nay pining for these ones by Nine West.


A-LIATRIS9 £69.00

Peep Toe Covered Platform Glitter Court Shoe by Nine West

Colour: Pink

Upper: Synthetic

Sock: Synthetic

Lining: Synthetic

Heel Height: Very High

Although I have paid more than that for a pair of shoes I had saved up for them for a long, long time. These are more than I can afford at present so I am waiting for them to go in a sale, maybe then I can have a belated birthday treat to myself! But if anyone’s feeling super generous my size is 37 UK! Just kidding. Or am I…

Yes I am. But I would be eternally grateful/forever in your debt.

There are a few other colour types in the same design which are also beautiful:


this is the gold/brown sort of colour


and this is the dark grey/silver variation.

My second favourites were a pair that were black with a purple/green iridescent sheen to them, but I can’t seem to find a picture any more and they are no longer on the same website as the ones above.

While I was searching for a picture elsewhere I did get distracted by an awesome pair in the Vishnu range which doesn’t appear to be available in the United Kingdom yet:


They would look great with the eye make-up look that Temptalia’s Christine tried out, and wore to the launch of the Hello Kitty Mac collection!


Oh well. Maybe I should stop lusting after shoes for a while and get on with my Uni work. If only my work was about shoes!


x.monal.x said...

Hey i have those nine west sequin shoes u have up they dont fit me and i've never worn them do u wanna buy em off me?
i have the black ones they're beautiful!!!

michelle said...

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