Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hello Kitty ring on ASOS!

Every now and again I like to check the ASOS website (as seen on screen) to see if they’re doing any good Hello Kitty Jewellery. As it turns out, the ranges they feature are always available in the Sanrio stores – but they bump the price up because it’s categorised as ‘designer’. In a way I suppose it’s a compliment to Kitty’s status as a globally recognised icon.

Sanrio stores mostly stock a range of Hello Kitty jewellery exclusive to them and not as a collaboration with anyone else. Obviously in the United Kingdom the Sanrio jewellery lines aren’t on every high street – with the exception of Claire’s Accessories who sometimes stock a couple of items already in Sanrio stores but mostly have their own range. If a department store has a concession it’s usually aimed at kids with a select few ranges of plushes, bags and stationery. So kudos to ASOS for making it more readily available to hardcore Kitty lovers who find it hard to get their fix. It’s just a little annoying that they’re slightly ripping us off because they’re trying to market it as ‘couture’. I don’t really know how the deals work when they are given license to sell so I can’t whinge and moan too much about what I’m unaware of. When I worked in Sanrio Bluewater almost all our customers complained about the steep prices, but I’m in no position to do so anyway seeing as I was entitled to 30% staff discount!

ANYWAY the whole point of this blog-turned-rant was to share the beeeeyooooteeeful ring they have at the moment (come on ASOS, just one HK item?).

I love the mix of Purple and Gold, very luxurious indeed… but not too high a price difference from ASOS this time as there has been in previous collections.
It’s currently available here for £7.75 (not including P&P). Or if you can get to Sanrio Bluewater (in Kent, England) I think it is going for £4.95! I’m sure it’ll be available in Sanrio stores across Europe too.
I actually bought some matching earrings from the range a few visits back! Sorry about the pic quality, the macro setting on my digital camera likes to be very shaky – even with ASR!
You can call Sanrio Bluewater on (01322) 387663. In fact I think I’m long overdue a visit…


Temporary:Secretary said...

i love hello kitty too. and the asos HK ring is fab. I can't resist. I have to have it!!! x

Swaf said...

haha I know I'm trying to resist and see if my old colleague will sneak me staff discount... I know how you feel though I get the same illogical urges looking through temporary secretary's site... xx

michelle said...

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