Monday, 25 May 2009

May 23rd shopping trip!

After I finished work on Saturday I went shopping. 

I went to H&M to stock up on some Hello Kitty and this is what I bought:


I already have this travel container set but it is so good and great value for money that I got another!

I love this eye shadow palette – it’s not the first one I’ve bought that’s HK! I really wanted both of the MAC Hello Kitty eye shadow quads but they were soooo expensive and I had already blown my budget on loads of the lipsticks and lip glasses so only ended up with Too Dolly. Hindsight is a wonderful thing… but these colours are very cute and sparkly, although not very pigmented – but they are about 10% of the price of a Mac palette!

Then I wandered up to the kids section to look for a t-shirt that I wanted – luckily the 13-14yr or 14+yr sizes fit me as I’m quite small! AND the kids tees are like half the price. 
And lo and behold, there it was waiting for me in the right size. So amayzeeeng…

Then I finished off in H&M with these clips, which I already have/had but either lost or cannot find. Luckily H&M is quite good value for money and the kids section is even cheaper!
So after I had spent about £15 in H&M (yes, for all that!) I went home and went to go shopping again, this time in Bluewater. I didn’t get time to visit the Hello Kitty store, maybe after I graduate as I will have no social life from this day forward. I went to Urban Outfiiters and found these:
They were £5 each, but I had a staff nominee discount card that belonged to my ex-boyfriend! It was given to him by his friend who used to work there, but he couldn’t use it himself because the name on the card is a girl’s name (I think the ex girlfriend of his friend) so I always kept it in my purse when we were together and clearly ended up with it after we broke up… not like he could use it anyway, I doubt anyone would believe his name was Melanie Harris! So thanks to my ex I can get 25% off! Most useful he has ever been… unlike my amazing TOM – who buys me HK anyway!

I haven’t opened them and It’s possible I might not as they are too damn cute and the packaging is so pretty. The tins are lush - the lower half is the corresponding bow colour… beautiful. I’m so glad Urban Outfitters does more HK stuff, I’ve got some transfer tattoos and a very cute T-Shirt from there, of HK dressed up in loads of African animal costumes with the words ‘SAVE OUR ANIMALS’ (I used my discount card for that one too) but I’ll share with you another time…
I bought this skirt in Dorothy Perkins before I went home – it’s primrose yellow and although it doesn’t look too flattering in this picture it does look better with a tee – specifically the HK one I’d bought earlier that day!
These gorgeous shoes (also DP) were only £7! And I got 10% off on my entire total with student discount.
Wooohooo, overall a great day for shopping… really need to cut down on the HK spending (not that I want to). There’s so much more I could splash out on! Logic goes out of the window when it comes to purchasing HK items. Don't need it, but it's got Hello Kitty on it!

Anyhoo, Ta-Ta for now, and thanks for reading!