Friday, 27 January 2012

Kawaii Ice Cream Valentine's card!

Hello... long time no blog! Things got a tad busy at work. I stare at a computer screen all day and when my workload doubled I ended up feeling too fed up to carry on being a square eyes at home. I'm used to this and can manage it now, so hopefully I can get back to a routine again :)

I saw this adorabuhlz greeting card in - where else but Marks and Spencers! They do fab cards and I was instantly drawn to this one. It's not that original in it's design in the sense that we've seen images like this before, but I like the unique sleeve/holder with a cute message, and the sparkly bead sprinkles!

I did tell Tom that we shouldn't bother with Valentine's day this year. I bought this for me as a lovely piece of cute! I will probably stick it on my wall, or if I have time, find a nice way of displaying it in a frame. It's almost too nice to scribble in and then discard, and Tom wouldn't appreciate receiving it as much as I would enjoy staring at it!

So happy early Valentine's day to meeee!
Ta-ta for now!