Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gonna ride my bike until I get ho-ome!

This year I made it my mission to get on my bike!

Both mine and Tom's bikes were neglected and un-rideable. Tom's was a very good bike he bought from a work colleague second hand for £20, to use to cycle to work. Unfortunately he busted the gear hanger. When we moved to Dartford he was going to chuck it but I convinced Dad to tuck it into the hired van anyway as Dad has a massive load of stuff in the car port (a posh term for an open walled garage) so we stashed it there over the winter.

My bike is the same one I've had since I was about, 12 or 13 I think. But luckily, I didn't grow much, and as I'm only 5'1" it still suits me fine. but my inner tubes and tyre tape were busted. I found another pair in Wilkinsons, but accidentally got the wrong size and when I went back to exchange they'd sold out of the ones I needed so I went back later. Good old Wilko, I think it may actually be my favourite shop - I can't walk past it without going in and grabbing a bargain!

Dad had a poke at Tom's injured beast - his bike is seriously huge!! Luckily he's 5'10" so it's all good (little and large teehee). It definitely needed a new gear hanger so we took the busted one to our local bike place and I would never had guessed how many hundreds of different types of this piddly little thing there are! They all look the bloody same! It cost about £2 more than he paid for the bike but they ordered the right one in, nd the next weekend was the perfect day for our adventure!! Sunny, and hot hot hot!

We cycled around for about 3 hours, going on the roads to the nearby town and exploring the woods, which was lovely and quiet apart from dog walkers and a couple of other hardcore cyclists.

My legs look orange in the second pic because my fake tan came off when I shaved that morning (didn't anticipate shorts weather) so I reapplied it ant it was a bit... extreme. A very friendly dog licked a patch off as well... I hope he's okay :S

There was another cute little doglet laying in a spot of shade the middle of a path near his owner, with his legs stuck out backwards in the way that makes them look like a rotisserie chicken. We had to cycle round him, but he was lovely, his bemused little face made me smile! Thought it rude to take a pic though.

at the time it was too bright to see I'd missed Tom's head completely!

It was a great day although it was my first time riding a bike in about 10 years and therefore the first time riding with traffic. And as Tom had no idea where we were going, I had to lead the way! Nearly pooped my pants in fear. But I made myself go down some steep hills which was fun! I have to say, downhill is definitely better!

I plan to pimp my bike out soon, so hopefully If I get round to it there'll be a blog on that. Might keep it red though...

Ta-ta for now!

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