Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Panda Fun and Chinatown Sweets in London


I was out in Central with my beloved last week, in the Trocadero on my way to a certain store (I'll tell shortly) and happened to wander into Accessorize. I didn't plan to, but being a jewellery obsessed magpie, I have a gravitational pull which sucks me in anyway.

I only had a quick look around, but I immediately spotted this little fella!! Which is the same style as my cat ring that I mentioned in a previous post.

Again he was £4, and i snarfled him up instantly. I was tempted to get some of their cute panda phone charms too, but I will do that another time, in another Accessorize!

Anyhoo, in the Trocadero centre in London (just off of Leicester Square) there is this awesome shop called Ho! Panda at the back entirely dedicated to Kawaii Panda-ness that I just want to buy everything from.

On our anniversary last year, Tom got me a little plushy Panda keychain with just the tiniest hint of a rosy pink cheek! It's actually on a phone charm strap but is a bit large and cumbersome for my preference. It was quite romantic really, as I call Tom my little love panda - one of his many nicknames!

I want their Panda hats too, but I must say I prefer this one from bangbangcrash. I'ts in a list of things I desperately covet but really can't afford... (ironically, my etsy wishlist).

Then in Chinatown we stopped off at one of my favourite stores - Nippon and Korea Centre. Don't let the name confuse you - it's full of awesome imported food! We bought a load of stuff some of which we had no idea what it contained, as we were feeling adventurous and peckish - a deadly combination!

Then we headed to Trafalgar square for Tom's tourist picture and sat on the Countdown Clock for the London 2012 Olympics to eat our wares!

Tom bought a bag of crisps which resembled nik naks, had a strange picture of indeterminable meat on the front, but actually tasted amazing. He ate them too quick to get a pic though.
I bought Norimaki rice, soy and seaweed crackers which were quite yummy, and a sesame covered rice ball.

This was okay, the rice bit was quite bland, and the mung bean centre was sweet. A couple of odd textures but not disgusting! I found it was too much and too filling and couldn't finish it. If I bought them again I'd have to get a pack of little ones! Strangely my mouth is watering slightly for it...

I also got these awesome PANDA chocolate biscuits which were so so yummy. Definitely getting more of these if I see them. This pic was taken in Nando's while we ate dinner -  I ate the biscuits on the train home! Even tom enjoyed one - he doesn't eat sweets usually, but I love it when he does - it makes him cuter!

They all had funny little expressions! It was as if they knew they were about to be devoured. Their poor terrified little faces!!

The whole reason for our trip was to see City and Colour in Royal Albert Hall. Beautiful venue, nice sound, few weird hecklers and dodgy attempt to play the 'last clap' game. Disappointed He didn't play a couple of my faves but it was a cool, chilled out gig. Their lighting guy was really OTT, in a good way!

I had a video video but Blogger won't seem to upload it even though I left it for ages!!

Ta-ta for now!


Temporary:Secretary said...

CUTE! panda ring is too cute! Also love those kind of snacks, different and yummy x

Swaf said...

I always get something different every time I go in there, they do great Hello Kitty stuff too.

Thanks for coming back to comment by the way, you make me feel loved! Hey, at least someone is reading :D